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artists, authors

Copyright and related rights protect, inter alia, results of human activities such as literary, journalism, science, music, sculpture, architecture, choreography works and more. The special category include computer programs and audiovisual works. It is a branch of law presents in almost all projects, which we deal with.

The proprietary copyrights belong to the author, providing exclusive right to use of work and to dispose of it in all respects, and to pay for the use by the third party. That rights are traded, transferred and may be inherited (more information is available in the "Help on line" - FAQ). Therefore, we apply two types of contracts for sale and purchase of copyrights and licenses (more information is available in the "online help" - model contracts). The proprietary copyright clauses are also present in other commercial and civil contracts.

In contrast, personal/moral copyrights protect unlimited in time and not subject to waiver or transfer link between the author and his work. In detail it includes the right to authorship of the work, indication of the work by name or pseudonym, or to share it anonymously, the integrity of the content and form of the work and its proper use, decision on the first making the work available to the public and supervision of the use of the work.

Also, we advise on the transfer and protection of related rights including the performance of a work or works of folk art, the right to use the phonogram or videogram, the right to broadcasts of the program, first publications and research.

Within this specialization, in particular:

• assist in the preparation, negotiation and analysis of agreements,

• advice on how to protect moral rights,

• represent clients in disputes concerning copyright and related rights,

• suggest how to effectively protect interests related to copyright and related rights.