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41 Mokotowska
Warszawa, mazowieckie,

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media, advertising

We act on behalf of media sector entities and entrepreneurs, rendering services related to advertising and promotion and to entities dealing with film and television production. We represent the media houses, TV stations, producers and importers. We advise clients in proceedings before the KRRiTV (The National Broadcasting Council), including concessions for broadcasting.

Within this specialization, in particular we:

• assist in preparation, negotiation and analysis of contracts and supporting documents related to advertising and promotion activities,

• prepare contracts for implementation of the production of audiovisual programs, contracts in the field of film production and advertising (contract to write the script, for distribution of phonograms, films, production contracts),

• analyze the agency agreements for the time, media surface,

• prepare the documents in terms of sponsorship, product placement,

create rules and agreements relating to video games, online games, games with elements of randomness, digital distribution models of content,

• give opinions on advertising campaigns and promotional materials, both in the public advertising (ATL) and a private placement (BTL)

• develop expertise related to the regulations governing the promotion and distribution of products, restrictions on advertising of certain types of goods and services, evaluation of ambush marketing, viral marketing and other promotional activities within the community portals and the regulations concerning promotion and distribution of products,

• assist in preparation of loyalty programs and sales programs bonus, in the proper organization of competitions and events,

• prepare regulations of websites,

• advise on the use of advertising activities for databases,

• advise on issues related to the protection of personal rights, image and copyright,

• prepare analysis related to acts of unfair competition in advertising,

• provide legal assistance to customers in the event of violations of their rights, as well as in the claiming before the court for damages in the form of corrections, apology or payment of compensation,

• analyze infringement on misleading, comparative advertising and protection against counterfeiting and brand products.