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competition, consumers

We help entrepreneurs to operate in accordance with the principles of fair competition and in respect for the rights of consumers. We advise how to effectively protect yourselves against unfair market practices by, on one hand, estimating risks associated with the law violation, and on the other hand - preparing opinions and guidance on possible actions against unfair competition.

Within the unfair competition actions, we deal with misleading indication of companies, false or fraudulent designation of geographical origin of the goods or services, misleading indication of goods or services, violation of business secrets, imitation of products, hindering access to the market, as well as unfair or prohibited advertising (inter alia evaluation of marketing activities in relation to the products, the advertising of which is prohibited, as well as dealing with legal assessment, evaluation of ambush marketing, viral marketing and other promotional activities within the community portals).

In this area, we:

• conduct litigation arising from unfair competition and unfair market practices,

• analyse our clients' business projects for potential violations,

• draft agreements on non-competition, confidentiality and business secrets,

• prepare, negotiate and verify patterns agreements and by laws,

• advise in compliance orders (ensuring documents of international scope of application are in line with the provisions of the Polish and EU regulations)

• verify if the proposed action can be evaluated as the transmission of unsolicited commercial information (this is where the recipient of the message does not consent on it (...) addressed to the specified recipient by means of electronic communication (...)) which is one of the forms of unfair competition acts.