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computers, telecommunications

Within IT and telecom projects, we prepare, negotiate and assist in the completion of IT contracts and in related laws, advising amongst other in:

• licensing and purchase of computer software and hardware,

• implementation for computer systems (SAP, Oracle) and SLA's,

• upgrading of software, development and maintenance of IT systems (CRM, PRM, billing systems, network inventory systems, data warehouses, portals)

• preparing of collocation agreements,

• drafting of contracts for transfer of copyright to computer applications,

• verification of possibility of using software based on open source licenses in commercial IT projects,

• preparation, evaluation and negotiation of outsourcing contracts,

• negotiation and preparation of contracts related to cloud computing services and SaaS,

• analyzing of regulatory aspects of the telecommunications market (including negotiating and reviewing contracts for network connections, leased lines agreements, contracts for Internet and voice services)

• developing and reviewing drafts of contracts and bye-laws for telecommunications services,

• investment process servicing related to construction, modernization and , operation of telecommunications networks,

• advising in determining access to telecommunication infrastructure (including the regulation of land rights in terms of so right of way and easements of transmission),

• procedures for award of public orders in terms of implementation of computer and telecommunication projects,

• advising providers of electronic services in preparation of regulations, policies and other documentation,

• services related to Internet domains rights violations and their transfer.