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Lewandowski Gradek Lewandowska iplaw office is composed of lawyers specializing in intellectual property rights. We advise on how to secure intangible assets created either now or in the past, through the use of legal tools. This allows our clients to continue to achieve their personal and business objectives in the future as well.

Our work is our passion. We combine over 20 years of legal experience with energy and commitment, guided by the principle that our clients’ success is our success.

We assume that each project that we undertake is different and there is no standard or universal solution. Therefore, we pay a lot of attention to identifying the clients’ needs and intentions. We investigate, suggest, work out and implement such solutions that assure safe realization of objectives pursued by our clients.

We co-operate with specialists from various fields, including courts experts, patent attorneys, financial advisors and database research companies.

We offer legal services to both Polish entities and foreign entrepreneurs that are already operating on the Polish market or intending to do business in Poland.  Our cooperation with our partner offices, which operate in 43 countries around the world as part of the IP Lawyers Network, allows us to provide legal assistance in international projects and to advise Polish entrepreneurs that want to enter foreign markets.


Intellectual property (IP) knows no boundaries. Therefore, we cooperate within the framework of the IP Lawyers Network with thousands of lawyers across the world as the sole Partner and representative of Poland. The partner legal offices within www.iplawyersnetwork.com are located across all continents.


In an economy based on knowledge and technology, intellectual property is one of the key factors that enable the build up of market positions: to create competitive advantage, to gain market share and significant tax benefits.

On one hand, intellectual property rights, being intangible assets, may be subject to depreciation which would reduce taxable profits; on the other hand, the IP licensing can be a source of income, as well as an instrument to generate costs.

Possessing a patent for an invention, industrial design rights or the rights for the use of geographical indications and trademarks, builds the image and the economic value of the company.  It is clear that the best way to reach consumers and customers are media and advertising.  New technologies are the driving forces of the modern economy and that is why it is worth, with our help, utilizing such market mechanisms.