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personal data

As regards the protection of personal data (i.e. data to identify an individual), we represent both the individuals whose data are not processed in accordance with the applicable regulations (e.g. in terms of bringing written, reasoned request to cease processing), as well as entities that are data controllers in range:

• carry out the obligation to notify the registry maintained by the GIODO (General Inspector for Personal Data Protection)

• assess possibility of an exemption from the registration requirements of data sets,

• preparation of mandatory documentation relating to the processing of personal data (security policies, management of information system, designation of the information security administrator, authorization to process personal data, records of persons authorized to process data sets of documents relating to the registration data),

• inform the person whose data are processed immediately after the recording of the data collected,

• setting of privacy policy,

• preparation and verification of agreements governing personal data

• protection of sensitive personal data.